Thoughts from my bath tub.

I wonder what it’s like to fully understand where your life is going. Like you know where you stand with your person, your friends, and maybe even your family. I know some people struggle with this often because I do everyday. I wonder what I guess I’m worth in someone’s life. Am I like a diamond that people love and cherish or dirt that people step on and move on and don’t care about? I know I’m one of those to certain people but who? Who and I dirt to or who am I a diamond to? Who values my being? Does it even matter at the end of the day who does and who doesn’t? Probably not because those who don’t value me or my time most likely unhappy with themselves. So if you don’t have people who are unhappy with themselves around what could possibly weigh you down? I wonder I guess where I’ll be in the end and who will I have with me?

Kisses, Isa



One thing that I constantly need which I’m sure some of you can relate to is the need for reassurance. This has probably ruined a handful of my relationships/ friendships and I just sit and ask myself, why I need it literally everyday all day. But then my thoughts began to drift and I started to have thoughts like am I wrong for wanting these things? Or am I really the problem? In my opinion it is human nature to want to be wanted. It is human nature to want to feel the security of someone else being there for you because nobody wants to go through life alone. That is why once you let yourself get emotionally invested into a relationship and it is suddenly taken away you feel that feeling that something is I guess missing. It isn’t wrong to ask things or wonder because that person should be able to give you that reassurance and if they can’t they just aren’t what you need. Now, this doesn’t mean leave whatever your relationship is with someone because they were too busy with work or whatever their thing they do is to tell you you’re the one or they do want you. But be sure to keep your eyes open to what is around you and all of the signs. Reassurance doesn’t have to be words either though. It can be actions such as “Oh I saw this at the store and thought of you so I got it for you!” And it doesn’t even have to be anything expensive it could be a box of little Debbie cakes or I don’t know insert whatever junk food or even wine I guess that you enjoy. Some people aren’t good with words so they find different things or ways to give you what you need. Keep in mind as well that no one has the right to make you feel wrong for how you feel.

Kisses, Isa

Why will I never make it known who I am?

What a great question. Well, where I’m from and where I live everywhere I go someone knows me. It’s so obnoxious at times, but I also have learned to love it. I’m the type of person who is fairly open and will have a conversation with anyone because I just love people. I’m sure future posts might contradict that statement, BUT we are in the present! Anyway, I don’t want you guys to know who I am because then you’ll find my social media and then see what I look like, where I’m from, and who I know and that’s just no fun! The whole purpose of this blog isn’t to know who I am or to publicize myself or talk about people in my life without people knowing! It’s literally because I want to see who agrees with me on things or disagrees without bringing in my age, looks, or lifestyle to cloud their judgment. I want pure feed back because that’s all I will give in return. I want to help people whether it be with love, life, or even just giving you a laugh.

Side note: There will be some story times as well because as I stated in my first post I am crazy and I am comical and I think everyone should have a laugh!

Kisses, Isa

In the beginning…

I created this with the initial thought that I was going to post about love, life, and how I guess I believe that the world could and or should be different. BUT I think I might make it slightly comical at times and maybe even crazy (two things I love about myself). SO you can read this for a laugh or you can read it to judge I really do not care. I just wanted to get my words out there and share my experiences.

Kisses, Isa.