I am falling

He’s blond and has blue eyes and a smile that’s just oh my God. I noticed it first out of everyone in the room. He checks my boxes. He is relaxed fun. In one night he made me start to fall for him. We sat together and he held my hand as we talked. Then finally he asked if he could kiss me. Of course I said “yes”. And yes I know it’s so not pandemic friendly but I thought to myself how could I not? So I did and it was magic. Then when it came time for the bar to close his friend wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to leave me. So we left together. When we left we got in my car and the entire car ride was just singing and smiling. I had forgotten about everything else going on. Then, he asked for me to play Runaway by Galantis. My absolute favorite song. And we sang that sing together and smiled the entire way home. When we had arrived home, we sat on the couch and did the thing I spend most of my life doing. We watched Greys Anatomy because I’m just hooked on that show at the moment. And he actually liked it. And of course we made out and stuff but he didn’t try to have sex with me like every other guy. Then when the time came to go to bed he let me sleep on him and cuddled me. And we have been talking since. I hope it works out. Please wish me the best. I need all the luck I can get because I have a feeling this is a good one.

– Isa

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