Thoughts from my bath tub.

I wonder what it’s like to fully understand where your life is going. Like you know where you stand with your person, your friends, and maybe even your family. I know some people struggle with this often because I do everyday. I wonder what I guess I’m worth in someone’s life. Am I like a diamond that people love and cherish or dirt that people step on and move on and don’t care about? I know I’m one of those to certain people but who? Who and I dirt to or who am I a diamond to? Who values my being? Does it even matter at the end of the day who does and who doesn’t? Probably not because those who don’t value me or my time most likely unhappy with themselves. So if you don’t have people who are unhappy with themselves around what could possibly weigh you down? I wonder I guess where I’ll be in the end and who will I have with me?

Kisses, Isa


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from my bath tub.

  1. I’m in my late 40s and married and I still wonder. I have such a messed up marriage and I wonder somedays if my wife still actually loves me. It is a long story about what is going on, but in the end wondering sometimes leaves me stressing and full of anxiety and doubt. I have enjoyed your blog.


    1. I’m really sorry you are dealing with that feeling. I understand it’s hard to sit and wonder I just sit and take the time I spend wondering if they love me and remind myself of why I love me. I have really appreciated your feed back and consistent positive feedback. Thankyou.


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