Why will I never make it known who I am?

What a great question. Well, where I’m from and where I live everywhere I go someone knows me. It’s so obnoxious at times, but I also have learned to love it. I’m the type of person who is fairly open and will have a conversation with anyone because I just love people. I’m sure future posts might contradict that statement, BUT we are in the present! Anyway, I don’t want you guys to know who I am because then you’ll find my social media and then see what I look like, where I’m from, and who I know and that’s just no fun! The whole purpose of this blog isn’t to know who I am or to publicize myself or talk about people in my life without people knowing! It’s literally because I want to see who agrees with me on things or disagrees without bringing in my age, looks, or lifestyle to cloud their judgment. I want pure feed back because that’s all I will give in return. I want to help people whether it be with love, life, or even just giving you a laugh.

Side note: There will be some story times as well because as I stated in my first post I am crazy and I am comical and I think everyone should have a laugh!

Kisses, Isa


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